Best DIY Nail Buffing Cream for a Healthy Shine

DIY Nail Buffing Cream

Nail buffing is an integral part of achieving a flawless manicure, as it aids in creating a smooth nail surface, eliminating ridges, and promoting overall nail health.

While there are numerous nail buffing creams available in the market, opting for a homemade alternative can be a cost-effective and natural option.

 In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to create your own DIY nail buffing cream, ensuring that your nails attain a healthy shine.

By making your own buffing cream at home, you have full control over the ingredients, allowing you to use natural and safe products on your nails.

Not only does this approach provide you with a personalized and effective solution, but it can also save you money in the long run.

Why Do We Need Nail Buffing Cream?

Nail buffing cream is a valuable addition to your nail care routine, offering numerous benefits to enhance the appearance and health of your nails.

Here are some reasons why nail buffing cream is worth considering:

  1. Smoothing and Polishing: Nail buffing cream is designed to smooth out any ridges or imperfections on the surface of your nails, providing a polished and even appearance. It helps to create a smooth canvas for nail polish application, ensuring a flawless and long-lasting manicure.
  2. Promoting Nail Health: Regular use of nail buffing cream can improve the overall health of your nails. By gently buffing the surface, you stimulate blood circulation and promote healthy nail growth. This can lead to stronger, more resilient nails that are less prone to breakage and splitting.
  3. Enhancing Natural Shine: If you prefer a natural look or want a break from nail polish, nail buffing cream can help bring out the natural shine of your nails. It removes any dullness or yellowing caused by external factors, revealing a healthy and radiant shine.
  4. Removing Stains and Discoloration: Over time, nails can become stained or discolored due to various factors such as nail polish residue, smoking, or exposure to certain chemicals. Nail buffing cream can effectively remove these stains, restoring the natural color and vibrancy of your nails.

How to Prepare Nail Buffing Cream at Home?

Creating your own nail buffing cream at home is a simple and cost-effective alternative to store-bought options. Here’s a DIY recipe to prepare nail buffing cream using common ingredients:

Ingredients for Homemade Nail Buffing Cream

To make your own nail buffing cream, you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive products. Many of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen or easily purchased from a nearby store.

Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • Olive Oil (¼ cup)
  • Emulsifying wax (¼ cup)
  • Warm water (1 ¼ cup)
  • Eucalyptus Oil or Tea Tree oil

With these simple ingredients, you can create a homemade nail buffing cream that is more suitable and cost-effective than store-bought options.

Instructions for Making Homemade Nail Buffing Cream

Making your own nail buffing cream is a straightforward process that requires a few simple steps.

Here’s how you can make your DIY nail buffing cream:

  1. Take a heat-resistant container that can be used in a microwave oven.
  2. Add the emulsifying wax and olive oil to the container. Mix them well with a spoon.
  3. Place the container in the microwave oven and heat it until the mixture melts completely and blends together.
  4. Using heat-resistant gloves, remove the container from the microwave oven and add the essential oil to the mixture.
  5. Pour warm water into the mixture and stir it with a spoon.
  6. If the mixture is not thick, don’t worry. It will gradually reach the desired consistency.
  7. Transfer the cream to an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator.

How to Apply Homemade Nail Buffing Cream

Applying nail buffing cream is a simple process that can be done before a manicure session to remove excess oil and prepare the nails for polishing.

Follow these steps to apply the homemade nail buffing cream:

  1. Remove any nail polish using a remover or rubbing alcohol.
  2. Apply a small amount of buffing cream to your nails.
  3. Use a manicure pusher to remove any excess cream.
  4. Spread the cream evenly on the surface of your nails.
  5. Buff your nails using a soft cloth, gently rubbing in circular motions until you achieve the desired shine.
  6. Rinse off any excess cream with lukewarm water.
  7. You’re done!

Note: It’s important to remember not to over-buff your nails. Excessive buffing can weaken the nail bed, so it’s best to limit buffing to once or twice a month.

By incorporating nail buffing cream into your nail care routine, you can achieve beautifully smooth and healthy nails with a natural shine. Give it a try and enjoy the benefits of this simple yet effective DIY treatment.

How Often Should You Use Homemade Nail Buffing Cream?

Using a DIY nail buffing cream once a week is sufficient to achieve a healthy shine. While nail buffing can improve the appearance of your nails, it’s important to avoid excessive buffing, as it can damage the natural nails over time. The less you buff your nails, the healthier they will grow.


Q: What is nail buffing cream used for?

A: Nail buffing cream is used to lubricate nail beds and cuticles, allowing for smoother buffing and a healthier appearance. Gentle buffing stimulates circulation beneath the nail bed, leading to improved nail health.

Q: How can I buff my nails to shine?

A: To buff your nails and achieve a shine, start by removing all oils from your nails and cuticles. You can use rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, or polish remover to ensure they are oil-free. Then, use a nail buffer to gently even out the nail surface.

Q: How do I make my natural nails shiny?

A: Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of olive oil. Soak your nails in the mixture for a few minutes, massaging them and your cuticles gently. This routine, along with the regular application of homemade nail buffing cream, will help maintain shiny natural nails.

Q: Should I buff my nails before polishing?

A: Yes, it is recommended to buff your nails before applying nail polish to ensure a smooth surface. Buffing helps to remove any ridges and creates a better foundation for the polish.


Creating your own homemade nail buffing cream is a cost-effective and natural way to achieve healthy-looking, shiny nails.

By using simple ingredients and following the steps outlined in this article, you can make your own DIY buffing cream at home.

Remember to use it in moderation and enjoy the benefits of well-maintained nails without the need for expensive commercial products.

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