7 Best Anti-UV Manicure Gloves For Gel Manicure For Everyone

UV Manicure Gloves

Many of you always experience that odd tingling during a gel manicure. With Anti-UV Manicure Gloves you can protect your coming manicures from that irritating thing. 

This buying guide will show you the magic of these gloves and highlight their importance in gel manicures

We will discuss viral anti-UV manicure gloves and will wrap the discussion up with practical tips. Get ready to provide your nails the care they crave. These gloves help shield hands from harm during those gel sessions.

What are Anti-UV Manicure Gloves?

Think of your nails in a protective shield, keeping them safe from the bad UV rays during gel manicures.

These anti-UV manicure gloves are your nails’ best friend. These gloves don’t just help protect your nails from the possible harm of the bright lights in gel nail sessions. Think of them as a comfy blanket for your hands but with extra style! 

These gloves not only keep your nails safe but also make your nail care routine cooler. So, wrap your nails in these cool gloves, making sure they stay safe and stylish in every gel manicure adventure.

Why are Anti-UV Manicure Gloves Important During Gel Manicure Sessions?

UV Shield: 

UV gloves are a layer of protection over your hands when your gel manicure is under curation. That’s precisely what these gloves provide. These are a shield against the UV rays that can wreak havoc on your delicate nails.

Skin Savior: 

UV rays aren’t just nail enemies but they can harm your skin too. Anti-UV manicure gloves act as your trusty sidekick, keeping your hands safe from sunburns and potential skin damage during the manicure process.

Nail Health Guardian: 

Often your nails feel weaker after repeated gel sessions. These gloves are the shields that ensure your nails stay strong and healthy, ready to take on the world!

What are Viral Anti-UV Manicure Gloves?

These gloves not only provide protection but also look stylish when you wear them. The viral choices come with trendy patterns and colors.

Let’s look into some options of anti-UV manicure gloves like a pro.

1. MelodySusie UV Gloves for Gel Nail Lamp:

These gloves help guard your hands from UV rays during gel manicures. Snug, lightweight, and effortlessly cool, they’re the go-to choice for a stylish and protected nail session.

These gloves are your hands’ trusty companions during gel manicures. They’re like friendly hugs, ensuring your hands stay safe and stylish. 

With just the right fit, a feather-light feel, and a cool look, these gloves add a touch of awesomeness to your nail routine. 

The best part? They effortlessly team up with various gel nail lamps, making them the ultimate choice for a trendy and guarded nail manicure experience.


  • Fits perfectly for maximum protection.
  • Feels comfy and not heavy.
  • Can join the party with different gel nail lamps.


  • Might not have tons of colors and patterns to pick from.

2. AIRSEE UV Protection Gloves for Manicures:

AIRSEE’s UV Protection Gloves come in a special purple color and maximum anti-UV properties.!

With a super-strong UPF50+ shield, these gloves are your nail’s best defenders against UV radiation. They’re also finger-friendly, letting you move freely during manicures. 

And guess what? They’re not just protective; they’re cool and chic too!


  • UPF50+ rating means serious protection.
  • Move your fingers easily while wearing them.
  • Stylish and practical – a win-win.


  • Might feel a tad thicker than some others.

3. Pimoys UV Gloves for Gel Manicures UPF50+:

Pimoys’ Protective Gloves have won over customers for their unmatched comfort, value, style, and protection. Users love the softness, considering it a fantastic value for the price.

These gloves also receive praise for their stylish appearance, ensuring you look great while keeping your hands secure.

Customers appreciate the reliable protection these gloves offer during various activities. However, opinions on quality and fit differ. While some customers applaud the top-notch quality, others have varying perspectives.

Similarly, there are mixed reviews on the fit, suggesting that personal preferences play a role in the overall satisfaction with Pimoys’ Protective Gloves.

Regardless, for those seeking comfort, style, and dependable protection, these gloves stand out as a noteworthy choice.


  • Stylish designs make them stand out.
  • Tops protect against UV.
  • Feels good while doing its job.


  • Leaves fingertips out in the open.

4. Modelones UV Gloves for Nails:

Modelones Professional Anti-UV Gloves are your go-to shield against UV rays during gel manicures! With UPF 99+, they block 99% of UV rays, preventing damage from UV nail lamps.

Crafted from soft LYCRA fabric, these gloves offer unmatched comfort. Specifically designed with extended finger coverage, they fit 99% of users. Not just for manicures, they’re perfect for outdoor activities.

A thoughtful gift for any occasion, these gloves protect hands and skin from UV radiation during nail curing or UV-related tasks.

Say goodbye to tanning, dryness, roughness, and aging skin – prioritize hand well-being with Modelones Gloves!


  • Stylish design for the trendsetters.
  • Shields hands during gel sessions.
  • Ensures a comfy and snug wear.


  • Choices might be a bit limited.

5. MelodySusie UV Gloves for Nails:

Experience ultimate comfort and style with these specially designed UV gloves, perfect for home manicures. Whether you’re a professional or do it by choice, these gloves are an essential accessory that elevates your nail care routine.

Block out worries and 99% of UV rays to ensure your hands remain virtually free from excess radiation while drying your gel nails.

Prioritize both comfort and style in your nail care journey with these must-have UV gloves, bringing a touch of luxury to your DIY manicures.


  • Adds style to your nail care.
  • Protects hands during gel manicures.
  • Fits just right for a comfy wear.


  • Some might find them a bit short.

6. SAVILAND Fingerless UV Gloves:

These gloves have been upgraded from the original UPF80+ to an outstanding UPF200+, ensuring superior protection against harmful UV rays emitted by nail dryers.

Effectively preventing photoaging with a blocking rate of 99.9%, these gloves are a shield against skin discoloration, sunburn, and tanning caused by nail lamps.

Enjoy the comfort of reusable, lightweight, and breathable gloves that are quick-drying and perfect for your gel manicure sessions.

Versatile and suitable for various activities, these UV gloves are ideal for preventing the harmful effects of UV rays during nail lamp curing, whether at salons or at home. 

Maintaining high quality, these gel manicure gloves protect your hands under UV lamps. The exceptional elasticity of the LYCRA fabric ensures a comfortable fit for most people. The gloves are easy to clean, supporting both hand wash and machine wash.


  • Move your fingers like a ninja.
  • Blends style with functionality.
  • Protects against those UV invaders.


  • Leaves fingertips exposed.

7. ManiGlovz UV Light Protective Nail Gloves:

These gloves shield your hands with the ultimate defense against harmful UV rays during gel manicures using the remarkable UPF 50+. These are not just a necessity but also they’re stylish. They’re ensuring your hands and skin are safeguarded during every gel manicure session.

Crafted with precision, these UPF 50+ gloves are a solution designed explicitly to protect your hands and skin from the potent UV and LED light emitted by nail dryers. Bid farewell to worries about potential skin damage during your beauty routine.


  • Bold Patterns: Makes a statement in the nail world.
  • UV Shield All-Star: Protects hands from UV rays.
  • Comfy and Stylish: Ensures comfy and fashionable wear.


  • Not full coverage for fingertips.


1. Do UV nail gloves work?

Yes, UV nail gloves are designed to protect your hands from harmful UV rays emitted by nail lamps during gel manicures. They effectively minimize the risk of skin damage caused by exposure to harmful rays.

2. How can I protect my skin from UV light during a manicure?

You can protect your skin by wearing UV nail gloves. These gloves act as a barrier against the UV rays emitted by nail lamps. These gloves are specifically designed to shield your hands and skin during gel manicure sessions.

3. Can UV pass through gloves?

No, UV nail gloves are designed to block and minimize the passage of UV rays. They serve as a protective barrier, ensuring that your hands are shielded from the potentially harmful effects of UV light during nail treatments.

4. Can UV gloves be washed?

Yes, UV gloves can typically be washed. It’s advisable to check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, but many UV gloves are designed to be easily cleaned, either by hand washing or using a washing machine.

5. How do I protect my hands from UV light at the nail salon?

To protect your hands at the nail salon, consider wearing UV nail gloves during gel manicures. These gloves are specifically designed to provide a protective barrier against the UV light emitted by nail lamps.

6. How do UV gloves work?

UV gloves work by using materials that block or reduce the penetration of UV rays. These are made from fabrics like LYCRA, these gloves act as a barrier between your hands and the UV light emitted during gel manicure sessions. They offer protection against potential skin damage.


Now you know the A to Z of anti-UV manicure gloves! These magical gloves not only shield your nails but also bring a touch of style to your nail care routine.

So, protect those nails, and let your hands be the stars of the show. With anti-UV manicure gloves, you’re not just nailing it; you’re owning it!

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